Effervescent water soluble tablets No Hangover
TM Guten Morgen contain about 20 ingredients!

Helps overcoming hangover!


Why do you feel after alcohol badly?


Alcohol is turning into toxic substance (acetaldehyde). In addition many alcoholic beverages contain toxic fusel oils. The fusel oils contained in many alcoholic beverages are toxic themselves or complicate the work of the liver, which is busy with several chemical reactions at once.


Alcohol consumption increases urine excretion, sometimes accompanied by vomiting and sweating. Loss of liquid and electrolytes leads to thirst and weakness.

Sleep disorder

In case of being drunk, you cannot feel yourself rested even after 8 hours of sleeping. Usually after party, you feel fatigue and tiredness all day long.

Metabolic disorder

Struggling with alcohol, organism consumes a lot of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it leads to a shortage of these important
elements in the body.


Amino acids
Glutamic acid
Glutamic acid
Fumaric acid


Vitamin C 45 mg
Vitamin B6 0,35 mg
Vitamin B2 0,21 mg
Vitamin B12 0,625 mg
Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) 2,4 mg
Calcium D-pantothenate (Vitamin B5) 0,9 mg
Fumaric acid 37,5 mg
Glutamic acid 100 mg
Sucsinic Acid 100 mg
Dextrose 200 mg
Taurine 20 mg
Inositol 11,25 mg
L-Cysteine 10 mg
L-Lysine 7,0 mg
L-Arginine 5,0 mg
MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methan) 100 mg
Caffeine 20 mg



No Hangover is recommended:

  • Before or while drinking alcohol.
    This allows to prevent hangover.
  • After drinking, if hangover is already happened. This allows to quickly deal with unpleasant symptoms and
    speed up getting sober.

1 tablet BEFORE or while taking alcohol and / or
1 tablet AFTER taking alcohol.

Good Morning! No Hangover!

Rich composition
Contains about 20 ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose, etc.).

Fast overcome hangover
Allows to reduce the toxic effects of alcohol.

Restores performance
Refill energy even after taking large amount of alcohol.

High efficiency
Acts even after single use.

High safety of use.
Free of potent synthetic drugs, painkillers, artificial colors and flavors.

Delicious refreshing drink
Easy to take even with a heavy hangover